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      Hello, this water heater is over 8 years old and seems to be leaking from the drain valve. There was standing water all around the heater and on the garage floor. We tried to tighten it up and hooked up a hose to it an ran it out the garage door till we can figure out what the problem is. We live in a VERY hot climate (37 days and counting of over 100 degree weather in southern Arizona) and we have hard water. My husband thinks the climate here might make the heater wear out faster than usual. Can anyone suggest what to do?

      Thanks – CooperAZ

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      Hi there

      From your description is sounds like you aught to replace the drain valve and this should eliminate your leaking problem.
      If you are in doubt hire a local Plumber to check it out and if needed to replace the valve.

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      Hopefully the tank has not ruptured, due to extreme calcification or corrosion due to hard water. Then the valve could simply be replaced (long as it’s screwed in and not welded to the tank itself type). 8 years in a hard water environment is’nt terribly bad longevity but I would expect a water heater tank to last at least ten.

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