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        Is it acceptable to use CSST instead of iron pipe for a natural gas fireplace insert? I have talked to several contractors who will only use iron pipe.


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        Avatar photoSelgas

          Hi there

          If you are in the US of A then you should check with your local inspectors who will advise you correctly of the regulations pertaining to fireplace insert pipework.

          Down here where the sun shines first in the World we do use copper pipe for most if not all gasfitting work and sleeve it where is passes through concrete or brickwork to protect it from the chemicals and acids in the bricks and concrete.

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          Avatar photoPLUMBILL

            In accordance with the CSST installation manual the pipe cannot be embeded in concrete unless it is in a non-metallic, water tight conduit. No joints are permitted in the conduit.

            All the above requirements are first subject to local code approval, so don’t put in somthing you might have to tear out.

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