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      Avatar photoDoreen deVillalvilla

        Can someone tell me step by step how to remove a bad thermal couple from the hot water heater, and install a new one? What tools will I need? WIll I need to turn off the gas or electricity? After I install the new thermal couple, how long will I have to wait to turn the gas knob on the heater on so that I can try to light the pilot. Once I turn the gas on, do I have to wait, or can I immediately try to light the pilot?

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          To assist you better perhaps it would be a lot safer if you contacted a local gas service person. The actual task of changing a thermocouple lead is a very straigh forward a relatively simple process and does not require the gas other than turning off the pilot light or the electriciy to a gas water heater to be isolated to undertake the job. As to how the end of the thermocouple fits into the pilot burner assembly varies on each make but the other end of it just simply unscrews and the new one screws in tight but not over tight otherwise the two seperate joints on the very end can be damaged and the new thermocouple will in fact become useless.

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          Avatar photonicktheplumber

            I realize that I mark myself as a curmudgeon for saying this, but I would hope that there are others who realize that the expression “hot water heater” is illogical. What is meant is simply “water heater.” Of course I do realize that there are some hot water recirculation circuits that qualify as “hot water heaters,” but these are not what is usually meant in these posts.

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            Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

              Nick, good point but the reason we add a water cooler to a building is because the water is too warm — so should we call them warm water coolers?? or a water heater a not so hot water heater???

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              Avatar photonicktheplumber


                Now that you mention it, “water cooler” is more succinct than other terms that might be more scientifically correct, such as “water heat remover,” so I think we should stick with water cooler for linguistic reasons. Just so long as we understand that “heat” is the positive thing we are talking about. Still, most people don’t really understand this, like when Ms. Plumber tells me to close the door on the fridge because I’m “letting the cold out” while I’m spending too much time deciding whether I want to make a pastrami or ham sandwich…

                BTW, there is one common case where “hot water heater” would be correct, and that is in describing the parts of building heating systems.

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