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      donald graf

      Can I use copper pipe with flared fittings in the construction of a gas log fire.IE;from the gas regulator to the controll unit. The system now uses gal water pipe and fittings for this connection. The gas log fire has been tested at 130deg. constant running temperature,taken with the controller access door shut using a thermo under the burner tray.

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      Better check with your local Inspector on that issue but as far as we go here we use copper pipe for everything so I cannot personally see any problem with what you are intending to do.
      I would however offer one serious piece of advice – hire the services of a suitably qualified gasfitter who will ensure your installation both meets all the legal and safety requirements which will give you peace of mind.
      It is always safer to utilise the experitse of a qualified person when playing with gas appliances and pipework because even the smallest of leaks can cause the biggest of explosions and risk to both property and life.

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      Thank You , greatly appreciated

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