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        my furnace works fine..but latley its been a b*%#$…the pilots on and the gas is burning but when it comes time to for it start up to blow sum heat…nothing….
        i mean it makes that sound (u know JUST before the furnace gets going ) but mine stays that way for like 5-10 secs…makes te attempt to start and thats it….i mean the motor is fine, the blower is fine (i chkd 100%) and i can’t seem to figure it out coud someone hlpme out?
        thanx [email protected]

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          Trying to see if I can figure out your problem here so please bear with me while I ask some questions that may apear to be silly but they need to be answered first to identify your problem.
          1. You tell the thermostat to turn on heat and the heating unit lights up the main burners and after approximately one minute the fan switches on but does not run??
          2. Does the pilot light remain alight when the heater fan fails to run – if it goes out then there is a control fault we need to identify.
          Let me know the answeres to the above and we will wrok from there.

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      Viewing 1 reply thread
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