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      kenny murray

      I am installing a propane tank to serve a gas log, range and barbecue. I am a do it yourselfer and I prefer not to work with gas. I have read all the posts on this site and I respect and agree with the fact that most people on this forum are correct in recommending a licensed plumber to do this work. I have contacted three different licensed plumbers and all three given me different replies as to what kind of pipe should be used both in and out of the house, and different answers regarding how the pipe should be hung, the size of pipe required, etc., etc.. It has been extremely frustrating and has shaken my confidence in any of them to do the job correctly. I live outside our city limits and no permit is required. I have since learned a great deal about LP gas, how to calculate the size of pipe needed, and how to go about installing the pipe myself. I feel that although I do not have experience in this area, my knowledge level regarding this project is at a point where I can do this myself. My propane company has indicated that they are willing to set the tank, lay polyethylene pipe in the ground, install the regulator, hook on to the interior piping, check the entire system both inside and outside for leaks, and hook up all appliances for me and they will have to fill out a safety inspection report when the job is completed. So my question is, if they have to test the entire system and complete the safety inspection, then why can’t I do the interior black piping myself. It seems to me that if three different plumbers have no consensus on what is required, I am therefore more comfortable with my own educated knowledge than theirs. I appreciate this forum immensely. Thank you.

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      I do not know if you should loose faith in plumbers. Different plumbers have different preferences for pipe material and hangers. It is like going to four different car salesman; one suggests Cadillac, one’s for Ford, one’s for Chevy and one’s for Yugo. I’d stay away from the Yugo, and a Cadillac may be more than you need. As far as pipe sizing, some people will just install the bare minimum for size, others like to increase it to give some room for error or small change, some might want to size it so you can add a water heater, furnace and clothes dryer.

      Laying all saftey concerns aside by doing it yourself. If you have never worked with black or galvanized pipe, you may be taking a bigger bite than you want to chew. Measuring, cutting, threading and screwing-together black pipe is not an easy task. Running pipe for an entire house is not the best place to begin your “do it yourself” training. Reading books and understanding concepts is no substitute for experience. An author or an engineer may tell you exactly how tight you should tighten the pipe. I bet most plumbers say that you can’t be that precise. They may tell you that it needs to be tightened enough but not too tight unless you have to tighten it too tight. It come frome experience.

      I would really discourage you from doing this yourself unless you can get some help from someone who is qualified and experienced with gas. If you are lucky, you’ll find a friend with a pipe machine cause threading pipe by hand is no fun.

      Now a word on saftey. Yeah yeah, I know people say a man’s home is his castle, and the king of the castle should be able to what he pleases. But I would sure hate to see your castle turn into a funeral pyre. By the way, IMHO propane is more dangerous than natural gas.

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      Thanks, Phil. I guess my real question is that if the propane company has to test and inspect the system then what difference does it make who did the interior piping as long as it is done up to code and has no leaks and meets the safety standards of the gas (propane) company? Thanks.

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      Yea hi folks just read this post and the reply along to it and would like to congratulate Phil H on his response.
      Unfortunately not every Country has the same rules and regulations regarding gas installation works if they did it would make life so much easier. I agree with Phil a total pipeout in black pipe on your own house is NOT the place to srat with this kinda work. If your area allows DOI to do this work and I gringe if they do – you would be wiser to contact your local Plumbing/Gasfitting Inspector and seek the answer from him or her for your area. I am sure that they would be able to recommend a suitably qualified tradesperson to do the work on your behalf.
      Remember just a wee small leak in a Propane system can cause a major explosion and usually at the most unexpected time with castroscopic results.

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