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        Ive been asked to look at an oven that will not light.
        It is a westinghouse chef classic gas oven with an electronic egintion device that glows hot to ignight the gas, the ignition device works fine but there is no gas coming through, at the rear of the oven there is a valve with a pipe to the burner that has wires going up into the oven and to the ignition device, this is sealed and non servicable, i have not had any experience with these types of ignition systems before so do not really know if it is electrical or the gas valve is the problem any help would be much appreciated.



        PS injector is not blocked

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          Where you at Toby??? Aussie perhaps???

          From your description it would appear that the oven flame failure device is faulty or you have a possible open circuited solenoid coil feeding the oven from the gas valve. Undertake an electrical test on the solenoid coil and check it out.
          I was not aware that Chef ever manufactured a cooker with glow plug oven ignition and I have repaired many hundreds of their cookers – even my service manuals do not show a model as you have explained – how old is this unit??? any idea???

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