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        Anticipated thanks for all replies.

        I recently got a 53L90 Honeywell ignition control module installed in my gas furnace, a Lennox G20 series. I noticed that the technician reversed the ground wires. The installation instructions included with the kit indicate that the green wire, (GND/Burner), is to be connected to the control’s # 4 terminal and that the yellow wire (GND) to the # 5 terminal, these connections are currently reversed. I called this situation to the installer’s attention but he assured me that there is not a problem with this. I suspect that he wants to avoid coming back to the house to fix the problem. I don’t know if the control will malfunction or its life span reduced if these wires are not properly installed.
        Is the installer correct about this or should I get him to correct it at once.?
        Thank you

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          Personally I don’t think you have a problem if you did have the unit simply would not work as the earth circuit would stop the safety cycle of the module from passing a current to the ignition system – in simple terms it would short directly to earth.
          If you are concerned about this issue take a photograph of the wiring completed and email it to Honeywell Technical Division and ask them for verification which I am sure they would be happy to do.
          You could also contact the installer who fitted the device and aske them to provide you with written proof that the way they have wired the module is both correct and safe and will not shorten the life of the component or cause other damage – this latter action would give you both the assurance you require and the legal grounds to challenge in the event that damage was caused in the manner the wiring has been completed.
          Hope this helps.

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