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      Avatar photoMario Blas

        I am a Certified Hvac service Tech.
        I have tried several times to run new gas lines for new appliances and always had trouble with leaks .
        Ive used new dies
        Ive used paste.teflon ,leak locknd you name it.
        Does everyone experienc what I doe or is it my dumb Luck?
        I know that the 6 lb for 20 min rule applies but i always test mine for 24 hrs and hate when I find leaks in new fittings with factory pipe nipples .

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        Avatar photonicktheplumber

          In reply to message posted by epacertified:
          Ive used paste.teflon ,leak locknd you name it…

          As you know, the actual metal mating surfaces of the gas line joints (threaded, flare, etc.) should provide the joint’s seal integrity, and NOT pipe dope or other sealants.

          You seem to have had bad luck, and I don’t know why.


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          Avatar photoSelgas

            I reckon I would just put it down to plain bad luck – I have been doing this kinda work for dam near 30 years and that problem has only happened once ot twice and if I recall correctly was because I did not clean out the cutting oils from the threads before I applied the jointing paste.

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            Avatar photoAKPlumber

              Gotta be bad luck. For 10 years I’ve installed everything from new construction rough-ins, cutting and threading my own lines, to simple runs for water heaters, etc, and have only had a few leakers, and usually so small as to only be detected with a hgand held gas leak detector. Sounds like maybe you had a batch of bad black iron fittings (assuming that’s what you’re using), or maybe you’re not threading right.

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