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      Ok about the water heater noise again. Its almost like the water is boiling very very loud. I wouldn’t so much say its like a banging, and its only once all the hot water has been used. Like say half way through a shower, or after im finished washing dishes. (like when there isn’t any more hot water left in the water heater. It kinda like someone has placed a speaker inside and we are hearing the heating very loudly. Maybe this will give you a better visual or audio! LOL thanks again Crystal

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      How did you do that????????????/

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      If the water heater hasn’t been drained in some time, the noise you hear is dirt and sediment at the bottom of the tank.

      Drain the tank with the thermostat turned to pilot, and drain the tank. This might take repeated steps in order to remove the sediment.

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      Do you have a water softener fitted to your water supply if not adding one would greatly reduce this problem. I do not know the water conditions where you are but if you have “hard water” then I would suspect that the sound you are hearing is clumps of calcium or lime banging against the flueway and the interior base of the tank.
      If you have “soft water” then by repeat draining and flushing out the cylinder you should eleminate the problem by washing out the sediment, however, this process is not very sucessful if the problem is due to lime/calcium particals separating from within your water supply.

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