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        I have an old stove that is fueled by nat gas, the pipe comes through the wall directly into the stove, and from what I can see, there is no shut-off valve. I just bought a new stove, and even though I know plumbing, I certainly dont want to screw this up.

        So…how much should it cost me to get a new shut-off valve installed, and the stove hooked up and set-up checked out?


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        Avatar photonicktheplumber

          The installation of a shut-off valve on the appliance gas line should cost no more than the price of the shut-off valve and the service call time to install the valve. You may also have to pay for the small section of flex tubing and fittings to go from the valve to your stove. I charge a flat rate of $60 (US) for the housecall (to a locale in my city) and $100 per hour (pro-rated at $25 per each quarter hour of work done) for this sort of job. I’d guess that for the job you describe, the cost would be $60, plus $50, plust $30 for parts. About $140. Given the vagaries of geography, I’d say that $200 or less would be quite reasonable for this simple job.

          You might be able to DIY for $30 and your time, IF you were competent and already had the tools. It sounds like you have your doubts, so hire a plumber. Mistakes with gas can be deadly.


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          Avatar photoSelgas


            I would strongly recommend you hire the services of a licenced and competent Gasfitter to undertake your gas installation/disconnection work. Whilst the work itself may apear to be simple – what is even more simple is to have an installation that is not leak proof – do not muck about with gas appliances or installations work as poorly fitted or tuned applications can very quickly turn into volitile situations with loss of life and or property.

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        Viewing 2 reply threads
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