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        I’m installing a new Kenmore 30 gallon water heater and have run into a small problem with regard to the dip tube on the cold side. I also have a question with regard to the 3/4″ couplings that attach to the top of the water heater.

        First, upon purchasing the water heater yesterday and getting ready to install it, I noticed that the dip tube was flush with the top of the water heater. It appears to me that the dip tube should be seated at the bottom of the cold water inlet pipe within the tank. The problem is that the dip tube doesn’t seem to go further down into the the inlet pipe to seat and since the dip tube is made out of plastic, I didn’t want to break anything so I stopped. Has anybody else run into this problem with these plastic dip tubes?

        Another question: The new water heater included 2 couplings that attach to the top of the water heater. I noticed that that the couplings have a type of blue material inside. At one end of the coulings is like a black flapper valve. Is that supposed to be in there? And if it is, which side faces the water heater?

        Thanks for your help.


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          Take a piece of 1/2″ copper or a 1/2″ black-iron nipple and tap the dip tube down far enough to get those dielectric nipples that came with the heater started.

          Those must go in that tank, and those black pieces are heat traps,,,,,they should both be in the downward position, first in the tank.

          That happens with the dip tubes all the time during shipping.

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