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      Is a drip leg needed when running a soft copper gas line up from the basement to service a LP fireplace on the mian level?

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      It depends on the local code. In my experience Texas required no drip legs, but in Washington State everything gets one. When in doubt put one in. I have never had an inspector tell me to remove one.

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      Logically it should not matter if your local code does or does not require one to be fitted – it is just plain commonsense and dam good practice to fit them on all LPG installations as well as run all pipework from the drip pipe to the appliance with a slight uphill grade.
      I cannot ever see the situation where any Inspector would ever tell you to remove one from an installation but I can beleive at times that an inspector may ask what one is for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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