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        My direct vent water heater just died, and not realizing that it was direct vent I purchased a standard vent to replace it. The heater is installed in my basement and vented through a brick wall. Do I need to return the standard vent for a direct vent model? If not, is the vent system detachable from the heater itself? It appears to be permanently attached, which makes removing the heater nearly impossible! any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          A direct vented gas appliance has a very special flue arrangement which is in effect a balanced system – a conventionally flued gas appliance has a single skin type of flue with a protective liner on the outside of that.
          The Direct flue system is especially sealed and make provision for fresh air for combustion to the burner only available from outside sources and is therefor a safe system to install in a location where adequate undiluted fresh air for the burner is not available.
          A conventional flue is just that – it is a means of exhausting combustion gases to the outside air/atmosphere and does not provide for fresh air for the burner.
          The two types of flues cannot be mixed matched – that is a direct vented appliance MUST have a Direct Vent flue fitted and a conventional flued appliance CANNOT be connected to a direct vent flue system.
          In every case you should NOT be attempting any venting work by yourselves as gas products and the fuel itself can and often does lead to misshaps and even worse deaths by those who are not suitably qualified and experienced in such works.
          As is always the case in this discussion group in the name of safety we will always recommend you hire the services of a professional who will ensure that everything meets the current legislative requirements and that it is completed in a professional and correct method.

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          Avatar photoPLUMBILL

            There are number of differn’t types of direct vent water heaters some are sealed combustion as it sounds like the case with your old one. Each company has it’s own spec’s and each model from that company have there own unique venting requirements.

            I agree with Peter, you need to call in a pro to help you with this project.


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