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      Avatar photoMs. Dasha Sergey

        Pexel is fairly new in New Zealand. We are contemplating a change from copper but with limited historical use here we are only getting the manufacturers hype. I would appreciate any feedback positive or negative as a complete change is a big step.

        Thanks heaps

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        Avatar phototurdchaser

          I believe it is the same pipe that we just call PEX in the States. If so it has many advantages and I am yet to find a disadvantage. It is very quick to install, if you are in new construction it is almost a must to convert to this. Materials cost more but the savings in labor is tremendous. If you mostly do repair work it is not as beneficial to change to it. It will freeze and thaw and not burst. I was very skeptical after seeing products like Polybutylene in the past but I believe this one is a winner. However I would not use it for gas piping ever the newest and best there is CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing).

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          Avatar photokiwiGas

            Thanks mate, yes we are mainly in new build, but i should have made it clear that i am taking about gas piping only, to water heaters, fires, hobs etc.


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            Avatar photoSelgas


              I gather from your ID that you are in the Mainland and that being the case you will be running LPG fuels.
              I see no reason for not using the product on LPG installations ( and have done), however the same cannot be said to be true with Natural Gas installations that are running on LP supplies. Where Utilities supply and outlet pressure of 1.25kpa at the meter outlet sizing of pipework becomes clearly more critical, we have found that we have to use the 26mm diameter stuff with reducers at the appliances to ensure minimal pressure drop but have also noticed that the internal diameter of the fittings are small to say the least and do restrict flow and pressures.
              We still prefer to use copper and have not found any significant disadvantage in doing so.
              Our concern is this product is here today but will it still be here tomorrow when you are called back to add more appliances to the system???

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