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      Seeking source for an in line water volume meter. The meter is connected to a box which allows the user to pick the row and tank no. to output measured amount (in Liters) of water to chemical mixing tanks used in a photo lab.
      The co. we found on the metering box is: Circle A-W Co., Pomona CA, Modesto CA, or Portland Or. We could not find any of the listings above and beleive the Circle A-W Co. may be out of business or otherwise named.
      Thank You for any information you can give us.

      Dennis Johnson
      Rohmann Svs.
      Edwards AFB, CA

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      Most water meters register in cubic feet and show the GPM rate. Why cant you get a Badger Meter or any of a dozen other brands and go to a common header?

      If you have low and high volume demands then look for a compound meter.

      Off this header you could have tees connected to a solenoid valve off the bull of each tee.

      Then all the operator had to do is either flip a switch or push a button to energize the valve SAME principle as a hydronic system with 20 or 30 zone valves


Viewing 1 reply thread
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