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      Returning from a vacation, I turned on hot water and, after 30 saeconds or so, faucet just becan spitting a little brownish water and mostly air.

      Any idea what problem might be? Same on all hot water faucets. Cold system works fine

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      That’s what would happen if someone shut off the hoit water and then drained out the hot water lines and then turned the hot water back on…but the air would spurt from the faucets for only a short time and then water would flow again… You might have developed an air-lock situation, but even in that case the air would stop spurting and nothing would come out of the faucets…so I’m baffled.


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      There are a number of causes for the event you have described such as Nick has outlined for one.
      Another could simply be a partially blocked oven vent line – tell us is it still happening now?

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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