water heater pilot won’t stay lit

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      Craig Coverdale

      we have a reliance gas 501 . we were gone for 5 days and when we came home there was no hot water. We re-lit the water heater, the pilot stayed on and the flame came on but they both went out after 1-2 minutes. This happened 3 times befor it stayed on, It was working fine for 24hrs. then no hot water and now the pilot will not stay lit. nullwater heater pilot won’t stay lit

      Thank You & would appreciate plumbers advice & knowledge.

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      From your description I suspect your problems lay in two feilds those being 1. a partially blocked pilot jet and 2, a possible weak thermocouple lead.

      You would be well advised to seek the services of a suitably qualified gasfitter to undertake the remedial work for you to both make sure the work is done correctly and safely.

      Do NOT play with gas appliances yourself unless you are suitably qualified – a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing with gas appliances.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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