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      Steven T. Mayer CIPE/CPD, CET

      i have a Envi-Ro-Temp 50 gasllon gas water heater…..only 3 years old!. My pliot light keeps going out. I am able to light the pilot and it will work for about 15 minutes or so before it will go out. I can not relight it for about an hour or so. I have already replaced the thermocouple sensor. i have check and clean out my exhaust vent ……no problems there. Any more suggestions on what might be the problem.

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      You have checked that the pilot flame is burning with a clean blue fame and has no orange tipping on it I presume??
      Given that you have I suspect that the pilot jet maybe partially blocked and is not allowing the flame to impinge on the tip of the thermocouple lead properly.
      Adjusting and setting pilot lights is NOT a task for the householder – hire an expert for a few bucks and save yourself a lot of grief and hassles in the future. REMEMBER gas in the wrong hands often makes for a dangerous situation for everyone/

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