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        Just picked up a second hand Pyrox 403ET gas heater, which has just been serviced. It was connected up and worked fine for 10 mins and then shut off, except the fan and light power light is still on.
        I’m now unable to start the heater as the starter doesnt appear to be working and no spark or gas is present at the pilot. The fan, power light and everything else appears to be working correctly.
        Heard there was a problem with carbon build with these heaters but dont know to look to check for this.
        Any help please.

        Not pleased and cold

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          Sorry I cannot assist you with this problem as I am not familiar with this Pyrox Heater model.
          Perhaps someone from Australia can assist you better.

          Selgas Services Ltd
          Craftsman Gasfitters, Plumbers, Electrical Service Technicians

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          Avatar photogreg.a

            Most of this series was manufactured with a safety switch which is kept depressed by the bottom cover which is retained either by screws or spring clips. If this is one such, make sure that the cover keeps the switch depressed at all times. The switch kills power to the whole system.
            If you hear the ignition spark start up just prior to burner shut-down, the cause is most likely low flame current. The model is prone to ‘coooking’ the sensor cable terminal at the sensor end, & may need replacement. Otherwise, the flame sensor position may have shifted. The bottom line is that the control system needs 1.0 microamps DC or it will fail safe.


        Viewing 2 reply threads
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