pilot light on sime combi boiler won’t stay lite

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      hello i have bought my house a year ago, with work to do, my hot water kept stoping and running cold after 2/3 min, i had some one look at it and the converter valve was faulty,so i looked aroud and ordered one for £40 good deal, but now my pilot light will not stay on to fire the boiler, it will light when you push the knob in and then turn it ,but when u let go it will go out, i would very greatful of any help for me to sort it out, as i have no h/w and no c/h,,,,,

      it is a sime friendly boiler

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      Get your local Corgi Gas Serviceman around to check out the magnetic valve assembly on the gas control valve as well as the thermopile/thermocouple and you simple problem should be sorted.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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