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      Im at a loss of what to do. Im in a rv. About 4 evenings ago,my lp detector alarm went off at 11pm.Upon investigation and spraying all fittings and hoses with a mixture of water and Dawn I saw some bubbling at ajoint between a rubber hos and its pressed on brass fitting.next am I bought a new hose assy. 10pm alarm goes off. I checked upon installation and no leaks but at 10 pm leak in the form of real fine foam bubbles on new hose.nextt day I return the hose to rv store,exchange it and install new one. At installation no leaks.At 2 am this morn alarm goes again,I find 2 more hose assy with foaming bubbles from my dawn mixture.Is this small leakage normal? Maybe a larger leak not found yet.Regulator was changed a year ago because of a crack in it..maybe too much pressure?

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      I could suggest several procedures to locate these leaks and repair them, but it would be irresponsible for me to do so. Your gas leaks present a clear and present lethal danger that cannot be exaggerated. My advice is simple and firm: shut off your gas supply and call a licensed professional to fix the problem…NOW. You may be an intelligent and handy individual, but the fact you are asking these questions indicates that you do not yet possess the skill or practical knowledge to safely fix the problem.


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      I agree with Nick ( and I must admit I don’t usually lol) as you obviously do not know the reasons or the cure for your problem hire the services of a suitably qualified gasfitter who is experienced with mobile homes and LPG.
      Remember …………Gas can kill so don’t play with it or rely on electronic devices to save you as they are only warning devices nothing more!!!!!!!

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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