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        My hot water heater went out and I still had gas to the stove but I did’nt realize my pressure was very low (only a few lbs. left in the tank) I could not get my pilot light to come on…so I tried to clean it with a toothbrush. My gas dealer said it was common for the pilot light to go out due to low pressure…they came and filled my tank but I still can not get my pilot light to light…I hold a mach under it for over a minute…(if I turn the pilot nob to on, the main burner comes on but the pilot light will not?) Could I have clogged it up when I tried to clean it? Is there something I’m missing here? The heater is about 9 years old. Any help would be helpful. R. Alan

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          Yup sounds like a simple case of a blocked up pilot light jet – obtain the services of a reliable gasfitter from around your way and have them give the whole unit a full servicing.

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