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        I have just heard that you can replace your home water heater with an instant hot water maker. Is this true? We are limited on space and thought this could help. How much can they produce? What kind of maitenace?what cost? Pros and Cons? email me at [email protected] Thanks

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          About the only pro is that they take upless space. If you have an electric water heater, the wiring will not be adequate for an instanteous unit. If it is gas, it will depend on the pipe size as to whether it is sufficient. You also need a much larger flue pipe. And by the time you need repairs, the company may be out of business.

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          Avatar photowlundonly

            Instant or tankless water heaters are smaller but have limitations. You normally can’t get as much flow at as high a temperature as you do with a storage type water heater. I discuss the pros and cons of tankless water heaters in the water heater section of my websiter at:

            Bill Lund
            HWS Ltd.
            The Chilipepper Appliance

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