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      Marion D Carraher

      The pilot light on my gas water heater is out and there are no instructions on the unit for how to relight it. The previous owner did not provide a manual. The unit is 3 years old, has a dial with a pilot light setting and a pilot button. I tried setting the dial to pilot light and depressing the pilot button but no go. Do I need to light it manually?

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      if thaty unit is only 3 years old the instructions HAVE to be on the unit, but , to answer your question you have to manually light the pilot

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      Step 1.
      Turn the top dial that says on/pilot/off to the OFF position, the final turn to off may have to be done by depressing a small metal tag on the right rear of the top control dial.
      Step 2.
      Leave the appliance alone for some 10 minutes to allow any gas that may have leaked through the pilot burner to dissapate.
      Step 3.
      Turn the dial on the top so the word PILOT is facing the front of the water heater.
      Step 4.
      If the unit has an automatic lighting spark generator then……press and hold down the button to the left of the top control valve and press the spark generator 4 or 5 times whilst continuing to hold down the pilot valve button.
      If the pilot lights up then continue to hold the button down for approximately 20 seconds, then slowly release it.
      Step 5.
      Check by looking at the pilot burner to ensure it is burning – if so then turn the top dial so that the word ON now faces the front – turn the front thermostat setting dial to the desired temperture and the main burner should now light up.
      Step 6.
      If the water heater does NOT have an automatic spark lighter then you will have to light and hold a match to the pilot burner that can be identifed by tracing the middle sized pipe that goes under the heater from below the thermostat valve. You will have to do this manual light at Step 4.
      If you are in any doubt whatsoever then call for assistance from a registered gasfitter as gas can be dangerous in the hands of those that do not know better.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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