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      How do you work out how many kilowatt hours
      daily and annual
      45.BTU boiler + 5 rads + gas oven + gas fire 6Kw

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      Here we go and it took me years to learn this and hell I am gunna give it out for free geez!!!

      There are 3412 btu’s per kilowatt hour so…….. if you calaculate your boiler as being 45,000 btu/hr as it’s input rating then in simple terms all you have to do is :
      divide 45,000 by 3412 and you will arrive at 13.19 which is the kilowatt input or fuel usage of the boiler when the burner is on full control.

      A gas oven consisting of 4 burners, 1 griller, and 1 oven burner is averaged at 60,000 btu/hr – so again divide 60,000 by 3412 = 17.58 kw.This assumption is made with all burners running at the same time.

      The number of radiators connected to the boiler have no part of the input heat calculation whatsoever – they only come into the equasion when one tries to work out the thermal efficiency of the boiler and it’s radiator heat output v/s the input.

      So we have :

      1 only gas fire @ 6 kw
      1 only boiler @ 13.19kw
      1 only cooker @ 17.58kw

      A Total of 36.77kw of energy per hour at maximum input firing of all appliances going together.

      Now you can calculate the hour, the day, the month or whatever you wish to total from this formular.

      Just call me teacher Pete!!!!!!!!!!

      Then tell me whatever happened to maths at school where you went?? geez.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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