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      I got finished replacing a pipe and turned the water back on and re-lit the pilot on my gas hot water heater about 2 days ago.
      My problem is that when i turn on the hot now i only get a small amount of water coming out, the cold works fine, but the hot
      comes out about a forth of what it used to. I checked all the pipes and none of them are leaking and I kinda stumped as to
      what to do now.

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      Maybe when ya replaced the pipe and you did not say if it was the hot one or not, if it is the hot one did you use too much sealing compound and partially block the water way in the pipe.
      If you are in a hard water area then check the inlet to the cylinder for blockages or liming compounds while you are at it.
      Hope this helps.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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