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      Bryan Waldo

      have a hot water heater that is located on the exterior of the home, on a patio with a roof over it that connects to the homes sofit. To properly vent this hot water heater? does the vent pipe have to go straight up (vertically), Or can the venting be horizontil? Straight off the hot water heater without any bends would mean that we would have to cut a hole in the Exsisting soffit. The next ? would be, Is there speacial type of vent flashing to useif in fact the soffit is the only option?

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      Seeing as you are in the US of A I would suggest you get in contact with a suitably qualified gasfitter to this job for you, simply because if the water heater is not vented properly it will seriously cause havoc within the cylinders burning capabilities. Not only that you could well produce a poisonous gas – namely carbon monoxide which is a silent odorless killer that gets into a human,s bloodstream and will in a short space of time kill a human.
      Do NOT much about or attempt a handyman kinda fix on any part of a gas appliance – gas can kill!!!

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