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        I have a gas water heater located in the garage mounted on a regulation stand. A flue fan is needed because the deck out back prevents the flue from going up the back wall of the house. The fan runs 24/7 and the thermocouple line is wired thru a temperature switch mounted on the flue hood.
        Problem: The fans burn out after a couple of years due to running 24/7.
        ??? Is there a “gas flow control device” that could detect an increase in gas flow and signal the fan to start? Also, why is it ok to cook 3 turkeys in your gas oven with no special vent but you need to have the water heater blowing all day?
        (before you say to hire a plumber, the gas company put the first install in, then Sears replaced the old one against code and the guy who came to add the table and flue fan smelled just a bit like Jack Daniels!!)
        I appreciate any info on this problem.

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          All you need is a power vent installed to come on when the heater kicks on .Not a big dealI think what you are calling a flue fan is the same as a pwer vent ,it needs to be wired into the gas valve.Call an electrican.

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          Avatar photoSelgas

            The fan should not be running 24/7 as not only does it increase the usage of electrical power and cosequently increase your operating costs, it also draws a cold draught up through the water heater up along the flue and increases the cooling effect on the cylinder walls through the flue baffle area in the cylinder – which in turns causes the gas thermostat to react more often than would normally be required as it thinks the water neads heating.
            Have a sparkie wire up the flue fan to the switch on the flue terminal outlet vent – this will only allow the fan to operate when the main burner is on. Will also reduce your running costs both on gas and electricity. Hope this helps.

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            Avatar photoprole111

              There is a kit available that interlocks with a pressure switch to the main gas tube under control on water heater that will operate fan only when needed(when pressure is detected at main gas tube)

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