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      I have a reliance gas water heater (40 gallon)that is about 6 years old. I get enough hot water to take a long hot shower but thats it. I know I should have a lot more hot water but don’t know what could be wrong. Thank you in advance.

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      Sounds a bit like the cylinder is slowly filling with sludge at the bottom and taking up the space previously used for water – when this happens the burner is trying to heat through the cylinder then the sludge to get to the water and in doing so it becomes less efficient and slower heating up.
      Try draining and flushing the cylinder but turn the gas off to the burners first.

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      I’m betting that the dip tubes cracked or broken off

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      What do you call “a long hot shower?”15 or 20 minutes or what amount of time? Remember you dont get 40 gals.of hot water out of a 40 gal. tank.Over a period of time you will get a build up in the bottom of the tank similiar to that of the bottom of a tea kettle and the flame has to heat through the build up,which takes more time to heat the water.When this happens to a tea kettle it gets tossed away.Also as suggested,the dip tube could be broken.The way to check this out would be to shut off the water to the tank and take the cold supply loose and see if you can see the tube or pull it out.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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