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      i have a well 75 feet deep can you tell me the best way to go with a
      submergable or above ground and the cheapest of the two for a ttrailor

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      Not knowing all the facts. Normally it is EASIER to pump up with a sub type of pump JUST check out the water quality 1st as some bronze body pumps wont hold up in sandy conditions or acidic conditions. The thing is maintenance is easier if the pump is accessible


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      A jet pump installation will most likely be the less expensive, but if you have a well casing of at least 4″ i.d. you should go with the submersible. I have found them to be more trouble free. NOTE: If you have never done a well pump installation before you should call a qualified Plumber. An improper installation WILL ruin either type of pump and they’re not cheap.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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