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        new water heater mounted in an outside area; maybe wind is to blame? the problem is that the pilot periodically goes out, and worse, occasionally there is the smell of gas and the unit has the main gas line blowing but no flame…i thought if the pilot goes out the gas should be automatically shut off? not good. thanks in advance for any help

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          Probably is the wind.The burner will come on if calling for hotter water .The burner will put out gas when the pilot is out until the thermocouple cools down and shuts off the burner ,if everything is working right .Why not have a qualified service person check it out? Remember gas is nothing to fool around with if you dont know what you are doing.Good luck,sleep well tonight.

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            Get an expert to check the operating gas pressure at the burner if it is set incorrectly it can also have the same effect on the pilot light by allowing it to go out when the main gas burner goes out.
            If you have a new outdoor water heater then the draft proofing must also be checked for if that has been overlooked then the pilot will be intermittent as well.
            Once the pilot flame goes out then after a period of some 30 seconds or so there will be an automatic shutdown of the main gas supply to any of the burners – part of the safety features applicable to todays water heaters. Once again get an expert to resolve your problems it will be worth the costs in the long run and you will sleep soundly knowing everything is safe.

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