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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        does the ANODE ROD in a hot water heater have to be replaced at any time,or do they last forever my heater is 6 yrs. old thanks

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        Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

          ultra. The “anode” is a sacraficial anode & is installed so that the metal from the anode will sacrifice rather than the metal in your HWS.
          Anode manufacturers recommend that Plumbers check the anode each time the HWS is serviced to see if the middle section of the anode or any part for that matter is corroded, a corroded section means that that part of your HWS is unprotected.
          If you decide to check the anode & find a corroded section & decide to replace the anode, you should also check the water quality for TDS’s, the manufacturers recommend a black anode for over 500 parts per million TDS.
          Its your decission.

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          Avatar photoSelgas

            According to Rheem they specify in their warrenty manual (a copy of which I am quoting from)the sacrifical anode should be checked with each years servicing and replaced every 5 years to ensure the cylinder which is steel glass lined continues to be protected from corrosion.

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