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      I had a gas meter set recently. i am doing a remodel and am at the brown coat stucco stage. Should I wait until final color coat to install bracket and gas earthquake valve or install it over brown coat. I am concerned about color coat stucco sticking out slightly against bracket rather than bracket sitting on finished stucco but finished stucco is about 6 – 8 weeks away for me and I wonder if the tradeoff if there is an earthquake worth it? Any advice.

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      We have a few of them rattle and rolls down here too and we only install earthquake valves on commercial businesses and our experience has shown that most domestic residences are connected to the towns supply using polyethelen pipe which flexes more than sufficiently. In places where customers have specified such devices we fit them to the gas meter set which is usually covered by a metal or plastic cover attached to a metal bracket against the wall of the residence. To make things look proper we would suggest that everything be finished and top coated them the brackets attached – after all you can always paint the meter cover to suit later on.

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