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      Avatar phototom marshall

        I am doing a remodel and re-ran much of the gas in the house. I pumped it
        up with air and it held 10 lbs for two hours, much more than the 15 minutes
        required, so the city signed it off. Interestingly, when I pumped it up to
        20 lbs and let it sit, by the 4th day, it was down to 3 1/2 lbs. I have a
        shutoff valve in the HVAC closet and regardless of whether it is in the open
        or closed position, this loss still occurs. Is it normal to use air
        pressure in a gas line when you let it sit for an extended period of time.
        Should I be happy it holds 10 lbs for two hours or should I remove the
        valve, cap it off and insist that it hold air pressure for days??? The
        drywall is up but can be removed before taping and mudding. I have to have
        a hairline crack somewhere but if I do it would be a nightmare to trace!
        The system does seem pretty tight though and prior to the HVAC shutoff
        valve put in, I believe the plumber tested it for days. What should I do?

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        Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

          Sounds like you have a leak.

          Any drop in pressure means a leak.
          A proper test would include removing all valves and capping the line. I suspect your leak is coming from the gas shut off valve.
          Good Luck,
          The Local Plumber
          Tustin, California

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          Avatar photoMichaelRoback

            I removed the HVAC shutoff valve, capped it off and the system still loses air. Have not removed the fireplace gas shutoff valve. Is the system with no leaks supposed to hold 20 lbs of air indifinetely???????

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            Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

              Micheal, the gas will be under pressure all the time, you seam to be worried about this small detail, dont worry, you wont feel a thing unless the gas is ignited. But then your family might, if they live, they will talk about you in a less than nice way.

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              Avatar photoSelgas

                Geez are you for real????

                Get a qualified person to do the work for you that way you will not have to prearrange your funeral for those that will be left behind!!!

                We don’t get 5 years of pre trade training for nuthing ya know.

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