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        My 50 gal gas hot water heater has an aluminum, three inch vent pipe leading to a masonary chimney (separate and dedicated vent is run parallel to fireplace vent in chimney). The gas inspector said that this piping should be galvanized steel vs aluminum. Why? Also the home depot and Lowe stores only sell aluminum vent ducts for gas hot water heaters. Is the gas inspector out to lunch? Where can I get 3″ Dia galvanized steel duct vent pipe and elbows? THANKS!!!

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          Kinda of a worrying thought here you are not a gasfitter – right???
          I guess you already know that the products of Natural Gas combustion are in them selves not normally dangerous unless there is sufficient air about, however if the appliance is NOT burning correctly and a layman would not know the difference it will producde carbon monoxide which is poisonous and deadly.
          If you are going to play about with a gas flue – would you be so kind as to firstly put my name on your insurance payout list then go get a proper gasfitter to do the job as it should be done.
          A fool, his money and sometimes his and other lives are lost in the feeble attempt to do a half hearted job with gas appliances.
          Don’t play with what you know nothing about!!! Get an expert who does know.

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