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      We cleaned out electric water heater and put new elements in; hooked everything back up but water heater won’t start up; tried rewiring–still won’t work; reset button won’t work (it worked before we turned it off to clean it out). What are we doing wrong?

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      swan, heres the most common mistake. the top element in your heater heats up first, because you draw hot water off the top. alot of people actually THINK their water heater is refilled with water after the service but the top is only filled with compressed air because you have to open a hot faucet until water runs in a steady stream to release this air. if you didn’t, when you turned on the power, the top element quickly burned out. they are not made like a stove element, they have to be under water to work. use your tester, if you have 240V at the top element, the thing is burned out again. pull it and see if i’m right. no the thing wont be warranteed. hope ive helped! jack

Viewing 1 reply thread
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