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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I installed a new gas stove (had to re-arrange the pipes a little) and checked all of the connections with the dish detergent method. Everything was fine and there was no gas smell. About 24 hours later we smelled gas, but it was not very strong. To be on the safe side, I shut off the gas to the stove. Since I tested the fittings successfully, is it possible that the new stove is leaking gas? Is there a better way to isolate where the gas is leaking from?

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        Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

          Lorenzo. It is questions like this that makes me feel that this Gasfitting area should be limited to licensed persons. How about it?

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          Avatar photoaquaticau

            B>IS THAT YOU AGAIN SYLVAN????

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            Avatar photoSelgas

              Can I assume that from your question you are NOT a licenced gasfitter or a suitably qualified gas Service person?

              In simple terms put some soapy water around the gas regulator test point – this is a common place where small leaks apear.

              If you don’t know what you are doing leave the dam thing alone and call someone who is suitably qualified

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              Avatar photoaquaticau

                AT LAST, a Kiwi I agree with. Gas is not for playing with!

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                Avatar photoSelgas


                  Well Goddam we can’t have that happening – just think of what the reapercussions could end up to be????????????
                  A Wollie – Jumper maybe

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                  Avatar photoDP

                    LEL- lower explosive limit of natural gas is 5% i.e. 5% gas in volume will result in explosion if there is a spark. Spark need not come from electrical contact. It can come from static electricity. Mobile phones reputed to cause this as well. LPG or propane gas are heavier tha air. You have a leak with these gases, you may not be able to remove these from low lying areas.

                    Good advise. Do not play with gas.

                    On a happy note here is an appropriate joke. A parachutist jumps out of a plane and pull the deploying cord to find that the parachute does not open properly. He jetisons the chute to pull the emergency cord for emergency chute which also comes away tangled. While he is hurtling towards earth, he sees a spot getting larger to take form of a man come up towards him. When the man is level with him he asks him if he knows anything about parachutes. The man say no. He then goes on to ask if the parchutist knows anything about gas cookers.

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