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        Can anyone explain the engineering principles on why the gas main from the street is always smaller than the gas main going into the house?

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          I don’t know about engineering principals but in Gas Terms the logic is simple.
          The gas mains in the street run at a much higher operating pressure than do households so the pipelines can be of a smaller diameter feeding up to the gas meter at the property. There is a pressure regulating device fitted to the gas meter than reduces the mains gas line pressure to that which is required to be delivered to the householder and as a consequence the pipework after the meter has to be of a larger diameter to allow for any pressure drops and carry the appropriate volume of gas required to supply the appliances installed.
          The gas Utility also applies a “fixed factor” for billing purposes and as the pressure supplied after the meter increases so does the factor (supercompressability). Hope this helps.

          Selgas Services Ltd

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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