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      Avatar photoPatrick Barry

        I have been running in to a lot of gas lines that are leaking at just at the ground level when lawn sprinklers are close by.
        Here in california, by code we have to use pipe wrap primer and wrap the pepe with rubberized pipe wrap to above 6″ above the ground.
        I have seen several failed gas lines that are rusting out from heavily watered lawns even on wrapped pipe and even scotch coated pipe!
        Is there a better way to protect the iron pipe than pipe wrap? Or do you suggest using wapped galvanized pipe (at least on the riser) in these heavily watered areas?

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        Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

          Bruce T, investigate DENSO Tape. Its a waxy membrane easily wrapped on, Great stuff. You should be able to get it there as it is used all over the world.
          Regards Bob

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          Avatar photoBruce T

            Thanks for your reply Robert!
            I will look it up on the internet and see if it is approved for my area!
            Thanks again.

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