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      I’d like to hire a pro to hook up a quick release valve to a gas pipe for a portable NG BBQ grill. The pipe is currently capped, rising one foot above ground, no shut-off valve nearby (used to be a pool heater hook-up). Does this sound like a big effort, what would be involved (shutting off the main)? Secondly, is it advisable for me to procure the valve first to save time? If so, I need to measure the external diam. of the pipe? Where would be the best places to purchase the valves? Thanks in advance.

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      If you are going to hire a pro,let the pro do it.Sounds like you do not have a clue as what to do.Do not mess around with gas,it can be dangerous in the wrong hands.You will not save much time by doing it yourself,might cost you more money if you goof things up.Good luck

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