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      Jenna Jazna

      please tell me the difference between a hob top on bottled gas and a flow thru water heater on bottled gas.Can the jets used for the hob top to change from natural gas to bottled b used for the flow thru?Thanks in advance.

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      fourth year

      The required orifices to change from natural gas to LP gas, depend on the burner input. Some orifices are adjustable, and others have to be changed. There are different thread size orifices so the answer to your question would be that unless they are the proper size and the opening is correct for each burner’s input then the answer is no. But the more serious question is that LP gas is much dangerous than natural gas if the conversion is not done properly. The conversion should be made by a qualified service person or plumber who can determine the proper orifice or adjustment in order to have the proper burner input. A second factor to consider is that the pressure regulator may have to be adjusted or replaced since LP gas runs at about 11″-14″ w.c. and natural gas is normally only 6″ w.c.. Again a qualified person can make that determination.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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