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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I am converting my see-through fireplace to gas logs. There is a gas line directly below the fireplace in the basement. It could easly be run up through the old ash shoot that exits in the basement.
        I have been told different stories by plumbers as to the best way to run the gas line for this set up. Which plumber is suggesting the better/safer option? Up through the ash shoot or drilling a new hole through the bricks?

        How close can the gas line be to the glowing embers that come with these setups?

        Is black pipe the best pipe option?


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        Avatar photoDP

          If you are asking these questions now, you will have plenty more once you start fitting the fire. Suggest you get in touch with a registered gas fitter. Gas does not take any prisoners- it just kills you. Gas should be in safe hands

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          Avatar photofourth year

            Our code requires that there be a manual gas valve in the wall within 3 feet of the fireplace opening in a place where it can be operated in the event of a malfunction of the fire log. On an existing fireplace it usually requires some masonry removal.

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            Avatar photoGuest

              TO DP, thanks for the respones but it didn’t help me. I asked these questions BECAUSE I am getting different responses from SO-CALLED regesiterd gas fitters. WHO am I to believe and trust. duh, I know gas kills that’s why I’m here I want to know who is telling me the right story.

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              Avatar photofourth year

                Call your city’s building department and ask them the question. They may even have a drawing of an approved installation that they can fax to you.

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                Avatar photoGuest

                  Thanks again for a response but still doesn’t help, I live in an un-incoporated area i.e. NO town hall.
                  ARE there NO “Master Plumbers” out there that can just addesss the questions???
                  WHAT good is this site if all the responses just tell you to go somewhere else???

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                  Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                    Go with the smarter guy who said DO NOT use the old ash shoot.

                    Ash is a no no in most legitimate codes as when ash gets wet it can become acid.

                    This is why duel fuel boilers have to have the flue/chiminey cleaner more often.

                    There is still an American Gas Association for writing codes but not certifications.

                    The certification side of AGA was bought and sold to IAS (International Approval Services) but then was sold to CSA (Canadian Standards Association), a more stringent testing requirement.

                    All appliances that were certified by AGA (water heaters, stoves, heat/air units, etc.) are now certified by CSA the Leader in the world.

                    Try to get a copy of the CSA code and don’t take chances.

                    You may also want to read the MANUFACTURERS directions and DO GO with Schedule 40 Black pipe with Black Malleable fittings.

                    Putting piping in a “old shoot” is reckless

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                    Avatar photofourth year

                      You should look ahead and visualize any problems. The gas log will typically be connected with a piece of aluminum tubing from the gas pipe to the log. There is a good possibility that this pipe could crack or be otherwise damaged and create a fire jet in the fireplace. If that were to occur, where would you want the shut off valve. In the fireplace with the fire? In the basement where not everyone might be able to locate or access it? Or in the wall near the fireplace where a simple turn of a key would stop the fire? Codes are designed for the consumers safety, in most cases, and the lack of a formal code does not mean that the same safe standards should not be followed.

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                      Avatar photoGuest

                        Thanks for the responses.
                        Looks like it will be Black Pipe,
                        no ash shoot and a shutoff valve close by. (Check standards)I will error on the side of safety!

                        Two more follow-up questions:

                        1. Would the ash shoot be ok if it was cleaned and then filled with concrete after the pipe was run?

                        2. Is it ok to drill up through the birck to run the new gas line?

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