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        We have a large propane tank quite a distance from our cabin, the main feed hits the cabin on a 3/4″ iron pipe with t’s. From there extends copper tubing to a couple of things, and flexible pipe,(like an appliance(stove) has) to a couple of others. I need to add an additional line and want to know; SHOULD I USE COPPER TUBING OR FLEXIBLE APPLIANCE LINES? Thank you, Sally

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          I do not like to see DIY’ers work on gas lines of any type, since it is invisible and a poor installation will not be apparent until there is a “situation”. Propane is even worse in this respect since it does not float up into the air like natural gas does and can create an explosive situation in a very short time. I have to suggest that you have it done by a plumber so your house does not make the nightly news.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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