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      how far off the floor does the bldg code require at heater be installed in South Carolina (Columbia)??? Thanks for any help.

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      TheAGA requirement is 18″ above the garage floor. Your local agency could amend that so you should call them for their requirement.

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      Here is an article I wrote in 1999

      Water heaters installed in locations where flammable materials could be present (i.e., garages, carports, basements, etc.) are required to have their ignition source elevated 18″ (generally) above the floor. By elevating the water heater 18″ above the floor, it greatly reduces the possibility of a flash fire accident caused by flammable vapors making contact with the ignition source. The W.H. Elevator water heater stand provides the 18″ elevation that is required by all plumbing codes.Code and Liability Issues

      All Model Plumbing Codes require that a water heater (gas or electric) be elevated where flammable vapors are present. However, regardless of the local plumbing code, all codes require that an appliance be installed to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Partially due to the inconsistency of safety features offered in manufactured water heater stands, both the ANSI/CSA LC 3-2000 (American National Standards Institute) and UPC/IAPMO Product Standard 103-97 (Uniform Plumbing Codes) have designed testing requirements for stands. Products that do not meet these stringent testing requirements can ultimately become warranty and liability concerns .

      Unique Design Features

      The patented W.H. Elevator has several unique design features that make it the finest water heater stand on the market. These features include:

      A built-in convex drain pan top that funnels the water away from the water heater to a recessed pre-tapped drain 1 inch FIP opening that is positioned below the drain pan. This convex design and drain provision prevents any standing water from remaining in the pan which would (in time) cause the water heater to rust and deteriorate.

      A corrosion resistant material will never rust.

      A base lip for anchoring (where required in seismic areas).

      A sturdy construction that has been tested to a weight load of 2000 lbs. (2200 lbs. for Canada). This assures compliance with ANSI/CSA LC 3-2000 (American National Standards Institute) and UPC/IAPMO Product Standard 103-97 (Uniform Plumbing Codes).

      A fully enclosed base that prevents the storage of any flammables beneath the stand.

      A solid surface for the water heater to set upon, thereby ensuring that the weight of the water heater rests on the manufactured legs and that there is no disruption of any combustible airflow to the main burner.

      A pre-assembled, one-piece water heater stand that allows for an easy, one-step installation.

      When combined with our auxiliary Safety Pan attachments, the W.H. Elevator can become a larger water heater stand that supports a water heater (of up to 100 gallons) when it needs to be elevated (in an installation or area where flammables may be present).

      SylvanLMP YEARS ahead of my time:-)

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