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        I live in an old hosue that has two (different) connections for gas heating. I was given a gas heater recently by friends who had updated theirs. Its about 10 years old. Its connector at the end of the hose is different (smaller) than the gas points in the house. Is there an adapter that I an buy so that I can connect and use the heater?

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          Hoses are not approved for connections inside a house. A flexible metal connector with flare and pipe conections may join some appliances. The flare/pipe adapters for the flexible metal connectors can be changed to fit the 1/2 or 3/4 pipe threads. Have and experienced heating plumber do the job according to local code for you.

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            Is this a gas space heater? If so, then there are several other safety considerations besides using an approved gas connector. Venting and fresh air supply being two of the major ones plus which area is being heated.

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              Thankyou for this feedback – I agree that I would be better off getting someone to come and look at the connectors for me and to do the job safely. Thanks for your answers.

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