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        We live in a relocatable home and currently have lpg gas this has been costing us $25 per fortnight hot water and very little use of cooking stove, there is only the two of us, do you have instantanious heaters? open to sugestions.

        Mark Ereira

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          There are several manufacturers of instant water heaters. At your usage a new installation should be paid off in about seven years from the savings, just in time for a new one.

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            Unless your water heater has a horrendous latent heat loss, the cost of heating the water should be the same whether it is heated and stored or heated as needed. Also, a tankless heater has a finite flow range. With just the two of you, you should not exceed the maximum gpm, which is usually about 6 gallons, but it will also not heat water if the flow is less than 1/2 gpm such as a gentle rinse application.

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            Avatar photoDP

              Interesting reading above. European hot water heaters are rated at minimum 20kWatts (80,000 BTU)with flow rate of 9 Liters per minute (say 2 gallons per minute) for temperature rise of 35 degrees Centigrade. To achieve a flow rate of 6 gallons per minute the heater will be fairly large for an instanteous water heater.

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