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      I am installing a ceiling heater in my garage. Before I sheet the inside wall I want to bury the gas pipe in the wall. The heater has a 1/2 fitting. What type of pipe can I use in the wall. I thought I could use black pipe but I was told not to. Can I get some suggestions. I want to get the pipe in now and then have the heater installed later.

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      In this area your only two choices would be corrugated flexible pipe, (which is not sold to anyone but certified installers), or steel pipe, (either black or galvanized as long as it was indoors).

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      While I am not aware of what the local gas safety regulations are, to enclosed a gas pipe in cavity is risky as a leak in the cavity would lead to pockets of gas that could ignite with dire results.

      We are required to to fit a gas line in a sleave that passes through the cavity taking the shortest route and then seal the sleave so no gas can ingress into the cavity

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      Thanks for your answers, I guess I will just run the black pipe up the outside of the finsihed inside wall.

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