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      Is there an easy way to detect whether a hot water heater is leaking? We have water in the basement that is either coming from the hot water heater or furnace / air conditioner, and I need to figure out which one is leaking. Thanks.

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      It is possible the water is coming from the pressure temperature relief valve. Try placing a bucket under the relief valve outlet. Check back periodically, if it is the relief valve then the bucket will of course have water in it.

      Bill Lund
      HWS Ltd.
      The Chilipepper Appliance

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      The “easiest way” is to call a licensed professional to actually take off the cover plate of this heater and look inside to determine if it is this tank ready to rupture OR if it is a blockage in a condensate drain which should be cleared. Guessing is NOT the easiest way


Viewing 2 reply threads
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