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        I live in a rented cottage; the setting on the Reliance 501 water heater is at B. The gauge does not list degrees; the dial is a semi-circle with lines marking points at the far left marked VERY HOT; then one vertical line at a point marked “B”; another line at “A” and a line at the far right marked HOT. “A” is 1/2 way between “B” and “HOT”. Since it was installed about 3 years ago, the setting has been at “B”.

        What deg. F is the line marked “B”?

        I’ve read recently that 110 Deg. F is plenty hot enough. Is that right?

        I’d like to set it at 110 if that is hot enough; would that be “A” line?

        What are the actual deg. in F of all the lines:
        1. VERY HOT
        2. unmarked line between VERY HOT and B
        3. B
        4. A
        5. HOT

        THank you!

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        Avatar photoGuest

          The manufacturer may be using letters instead of degrees so that the units do not have to be calibrated at the factory which would be a considerable expense. A thermostatic control is made for many brands of water heaters so the placement of them in different tanks would change the sttings. To find out the temperature get a clip-on thermometer from an air conditioning supplier and set the dials at points for a while and change themonce poer day to see the water temperature achieved after few hours when the water has not been used. 110F is safe, but some people like the water hotter for dishes and clothes. The controls are made not to go below 120F on many tanks to prevent condensation. A plumber can install devices that temper the water for shower and person-washing and have other temperatures for specific uses.

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          Avatar photobharlan

            Dear Harold,

            Thank you for your detailed, helpful, and speedy response!
            I appreciate you taking the time to answer!
            I’ll probably show your email to my landlord and see what he says.


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